Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Click on this link to find who your state politicians that vote against your dogs. These politicians are bought by PETA and HSUS with your money to work against your rights as a dog owner. http://www.saova.org/index.html Click endorsements.

Sounds like it really cares about the dogs, doesn't it!
Brief background

About 3 years ago, a city councilwoman sponsored an animal
ordinance in
Albuquerque. Despite attempts by many individuals and groups
Albuquerque and surrounding areas to have the City simply enforce
existing ordinance, the Mayor finally signed HEART (Humane and
Animal Rules and Treatment) into law June 6, 2006.  The law was
to go
into effect August 22, 2006. An attempt to collect sufficient
on petitions to force a referendum vote on HEART was not
successful. This
was mainly due to the fact that the media (print, radio and TV)
solidly behind the City and there simply wasn't enough money
available to
purchase media coverage. In early August, the City Council
entertained an
"emergency" motion to postpone the date of the law being effective
October 10, 2006. The effect this had was (intentionally in my
to shove the new Animal Ordinance to the back of everyone's mind  . . .
perhaps  it would be postponed again, etc. Efforts that were ongoing
after the failure of the petition drive met with even more inertia
city residents after the postponement of the law. The AKC kennel
club in
Albuquerque, along with individual members who had business interests
within the City or who lived outside the City but would be required to
comply with aspects of the new law, filed a lawsuit against the City in
early August. The City responded with several motions to dismiss claims
contained within the lawsuit. The Court moved this case through the
judicial system with all speed and the case was dismissed in September.
It has been appealed but the law went into effect October 10, 2006.

Current status

The Mayor has gone on record in several public venues as stating that
law would be "selectively" enforced.  As it stands right now, HEART
applies to every animal in the City limits. Animal is defined by the
as "non-human mammal, bird, amphibian and reptile" and includes all
animals as well as domestic ones.

While the City states in the Findings section preceding the law that
law will not affect responsible animal owners, it is hard to imagine
it cannot unless one accepts the City's premise that ALL animal owners
are irresponsible.

Some of the aspects of the  law that will not affect responsible animal
owners - it is an act of animal cruelty to withhold water at night while
housetraining a puppy. It is an act of animal cruelty not to provide
"constant access" to water to any animal. (By this definition it is an
act of animal cruelty to walk your dog so anyone who walks their dog,
the City's definition is not a responsible animal owner.) It is an act
animal cruelty to crate your dog in a crate that is not greater than
minimum size required of a boarding kennel. It is an act of cruelty to
violate the Leash Law. The definition of a secure enclosure is one where
an animal cannot come into contact with another animal or human. So even
though the City allows a resident to keep up to four dogs without a
special permit, the City also makes it illegal to put more than one dog
out in the yard at a time.

The multitude of inconsistencies in the law make it difficult to
determine what actually is and isn't permitted. However, not to worry --
these provisions will only be "selectively" enforced. So unless you
happen to live next to someone who doesn't like you and complains to ACC,
or have the wrong breed, or live in the wrong neighborhood, or have the
wrong surname, etc. you should be just fine in breaking the law and
committing acts of animal cruelty without facing punishment.

The new law enables ACC to confiscate any animal on a citation - not a
conviction - for animal cruelty. That includes having your dog walk from
your front door to your vehicle off leash unless the front yard and
driveway is completely fenced. The law specifically states that "verbal
control" is not sufficient even on your own property.

Any business (other than veterinarians) dealing with animals must now
purchase an Animal Services Provider Permit in addition to a business
license. Any conviction for animal cruelty makes one unable to obtain
such a permit and thus unable to maintain doing business in the City of

Future Concern

The Mayor of Albuquerque has higher political aspirations. He is pushing
for HEART or a similar statute to be passed at the state level in the
January 2007 legislative session. He has already told the surrounding
counties that the City will penalize any county that does not adopt a
similar ordinance. At the current time, the unincorporated part of
Bernalillo County is currently contemplating changing the existing animal
ordinance and changes have been proposed to the ordinance in part of
Sandoval County (where I live) and the Village of Los Ranchos.

Politics plays a huge role in the future of owning any kind of animal.
Animal rights organizations are currently funding many political
campaigns for candidates at all levels of government (this is  how HEART
was sponsored in Albuquerque) so to say that discussing politics is bad
form on a list devoted to professionals in animal related fields is not
being realistic about what is currently occurring.

Today, HSUS, PETA, the ASPCA and dozens of less familiar organizations spend about $200 million a year sent by people who want to help animals, working against animal ownership. Never give money to any of these organizations! If you want to give to help animals, give directly to your local animal shelter: they nearly always use contributions to provide real care, and they always need more than they get. If you wish to learn about these diabolical organizations, go to: http://www.pet-law.com

"My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture." J.P. Goodwin, now
Director of Grassroots Outreach with HSUS. Formerly with the Animal
Liberation Front, Mr Goodwin has a lengthy arrest record and a history of
promoting arson to accomplish animal liberation. This quote appeared on
AR-Views, an animal rights
Internet discussion group in 1996.

Did you know that animal right terrorists are teaching the Animal Rights agenda in
public schools to our young children.
They are indoctrinating the children against their parents.

Wayne Pacelle - HSUS President & CEO, former dir. of  Fund for Animals:
"We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of
livestock produced through selective breeding. ...One generation and out.
We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are
creations of human selective breeding."
Wayne Pacelle
Animal People  May 1993
This is what the HSUS stands for. Think about it, if all dogs are forced spay and neuter, in one generation there will be no more dogs, this is the true goal of HSUS and PETA. When you vote by proxy for your representatives who in turn push animal rights agenda forward, you are voting to rid the country of companion dogs and family pets in as short a time as one generation. HSUS says don't breed, go to the shelters. Shelters are over crowed. HSUS lies! Shelters transport dogs all around the country to keep numbers up.

To help make dog owners aware of the insidious wave of dog legislations designed to limit or remove the legal rights of dog owners in the United States. If you plan on moving, find out if you can have your particular breed. Will your dog be confiscated and destroyed based on breed? Will you be forced to spay or neuter your dog to live in a town, even if you are a show breeder or be forced to pay exaggerated price for owning a dog who you intend to show? Will your rights in owning a companion dog effect how you can play with or train your on dog? Will these laws prevent you from owning multiple dogs or only be able to put one dog out in your enclosed yard at a time? Are you moving some place to enjoy hiking off leash in the mountains and will such and activity cause your dog to be removed from you and destroyed because hiking is against the law? Which of your legislators are owned by the special interest animal destroyer groups. Who has been voted into office and are paid by PETA and HSUS to push forward there designs of no more pets. As this site build, it will include information for you make a better decision on where you want to live, who you need to vote for and when the wave is reaching your town if all dog owners don't ban together and stop this onslaught.